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Director of Education, Counseling, and Human Development

The Teacher Education program offers a wide range of both undergraduate and graduate experiences that prepare graduates for a lifelong career as distinguished educators. Whether you want to teach kindergarten or high school agriculture education, whether you are a first year student or an experienced educator seeking more skills, you will benefit from the unique network of support offered by our enthusiastic faculty at SDSU. You will receive the opportunities you need and the support you can rely on to become a dedicated practitioner, a reflective scholar and a responsible citizen.

As you consider a journey that includes SDSU, please ask our faculty on the faculty pages any questions that you might have.  Our programs are continually growing and developing and even if you don't initially find what you are looking for, be sure to contact one of our faculty.  We hope to hear from you as you consider joining a program in this department and SDSU.

Anne Karabon, Ph.D. 

Wendell and Marlys Thompson Director of the School of Education, Counseling, and Human Development