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Image for SDSU Dakota Lakes Research Farm

SDSU Dakota Lakes Research Farm

"Dakota Lakes Research Farm is located near Pierre, South Dakota"

Dakota Lakes is one of our premier research stations in the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station System. This is a well-renowned field station noted for developing no-till agriculture and regenerative agriculture. This leading research station, both nation-wide and internationally features no-till, diverse crop rotations and integration of livestock.

The farm focuses on both irrigated and dryland crop research. Irrigation allows scientists to compare and evaluate varieties, as well as comparing and evaluating management practices; 240 of the farm's 840 acres are devoted to irrigation. It also allows scientists to do breeding work in both high- and low-moisture environments at the same location in the same year. The farm's field day, held the last Thursday in June, has been listed as one of the, “10 most exciting field days in the nation” by a major farm magazine.

This center comprises part of the SDSU Agricultural Experiment Station research infrastructure. Learn more about Dakota Lakes.

Watch our 2020 Virtual Field Day!

Watch Our 2020 Virtual Field Day