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Range Studies

Jack visits Cottonwood Range and Livestock Research Station

Research faculty:


  • Patricia S. Johnson, Professor
  • Arvid A. Boe, Professor
  • Alexander (Sandy) Smart, Associate Professor


  • Ken Olson, Extension Beef Specialist

Recent Range Studies

  • Evaluation of dietary thiamin for utilization of high sulfate water
  • Water quality effects on consumption, production, and environmental issues
  • Grazing patterns for continuous season-long and short-duration grazing
  • Response of individual plants to grazing
  • Evaluation of switchgrass as a biofuel
  • Grazing patterns for continuous season-long and spring-deferred grazing
  • Steer response to grazing system
  • Plant community change associated with grazing system
  • Grazing ecotypes of western wheatgrass and blue grama
  • Diet quality of steers on introduced and native pastures
  • Steer performance on native and introduced pastures
  • Late summer protein supplementation
  • Introduced pastures as a forage source during drought

Recent Cow/Calf Studies

  • Evaluation of dried distillers grains for pregnant heifers
  • Response of cow-calf pairs to water high in sulfates
  • Evaluation of barley vs. hay for wintering beef cows
  • Calving date, weaning date and reproductive performance
  • Evaluation of fecal NIR to predict dietary crude protein
  • Association of serum total protein in newborn calves with later death and illness
  • Evaluation of wheat middlings as a supplement for cows grazing winter range
  • Blood meal/corn gluten meal supplement for cows grazing native range after calving
  • MGA for synchronizing beef cows
  • Level of concentrate supplement for cows grazing winter range
  • Effect of weaning date and winter nutrition on reproductive performance
  • Source of energy on performance of replacement heifers
  • Methionine addition to a urea-grain supplement for cows grazing winter range
  • Body condition and reproductive performance of range cows