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About Us

SDSU West River Ag Center

The SDSU West River Research and Extension (WRRE) was established to provide clientele from western South Dakota access to information and programming developed by the SDSU College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences. The center’s influence has grown from providing traditional livestock and agronomy information to include economics, horticulture, community development and enhanced 4-H/youth programming.

The SDSU West River Research and Extension serves the need of faculty with a high-tech classroom and small conference room, which are utilized by faculty and staff from the main SDSU campus, those located at the WRRE and other public and non-profit groups and agencies. Additionally, the WRRE serves as a motor pool site, providing cars to state employees in the area.

Outreach efforts provide information and education to assist western South Dakotans to sustain the land they live on, their communities and the profitability of their farms and ranches. The teaching, research and Extension work directed by and delivered through the WRRE supports diverse western South Dakotans of all ages as they strive to maintain and enhance their overall quality of life.

Researchers at the WRRE develop much of their research in conjunction with the producers they serve. Cooperative research is conducted on farms and ranches as well as at the Cottonwood Range and Livestock Research Station, located near Buffalo. A variety of graduate students participate in research and Extension work at the WRRE on a rotating basis. Additionally, administrative staff at the WRRE provides support and supervision to Extension educators throughout western South Dakota.

Proud Past, Promising Future

Vast prairies, wooded hills and diverse peoples make western South Dakota special! For more than 100 years, South Dakota State University, independently and in partnership with many individuals and organizations, has brought agriculture-related new ideas and approaches, essential research and educational programming to western South Dakotans to assist them as they strive to improve and sustain their quality of life and their land.