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Image for South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station at SDSU

South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station at SDSU

Welcome to the office of the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station! 

Our research mission is to find solutions to current problems, as well as opportunities for tomorrow. The new knowledge created from our research enhances the quality of life in South Dakota through the beneficial use and development of human, economic and natural resources. Our research mission is one of the cornerstones of a land grant university. In addition to enhancing the quality of life in our state, our research directly supports the teaching programs offered by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, the College of Education & Human Sciences and the educational program delivered by SDSU Extension.

Research Stations

With six field stations and more than 17,000 acres of land across the state devoted to scientific exploration, the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station is the largest public and privately funded research organization in the state. Since 1887, we have used science to find solutions to pressing problems and identify new opportunities for our state.

    Map of the South Dakota Agriculture Experiment Station Locations

    Watch our 2020 Virtual Field Days:

    For more information on the Agricultural Experiment Station and its research, contact us or check out SDSU's Open PRAIRIE:

    SDSU Open PRAIRIE - Public Research Access Institutional Repository and Information Exchange

    Open PRAIRIE is the South Dakota State University public access institutional repository (IR). The IR supports the strategic mission of the library, the institution, and the University’s status as a land-grant institution. The repository allows public access to information, resources, and the scholarly and creative output of the University. The repository provides permanent storage of institutional materials and a peer-reviewed publishing platform for faculty and student research.


    South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station at SDSU News

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    Sweet potatoes increase vitamin A, fiber in bread

    Incorporating sweet potato puree into bread not only adds vitamin A, but also changes the starch composition by increasing the fiber content.


    Purchasing certified seed from reputable dealers proves impactful to SDSU seed production system

    Serving as the source of dozens of wheat and oat varieties, the SDSU College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences plays an integral role in producing certified crop seeds for public use.

    Regents Review State Budget Recommendations

    A recommended state budget for the coming year includes important resources for South Dakota’s public university system, including more money for employee salaries and for critical maintenance and repair of buildings.