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Dance Student Information

Student Scholarship

Dance scholarships are available to incoming freshmen students. Dancers interested in receiving a dance scholarship are required to audition during the School of Performing Arts Freshmen Scholarship Audition Event. 

National Honor Society of Dance Arts

Students may participate in National Honor Society for Dance Arts at South Dakota State University. This society is sponsored by the National Dance Education Organization and honors students who accumulate points in artistic merit, leadership and academic achievement while participating in the dance minor program at SDSU. Recognition for student induction takes place at annual events. Students graduating with honors receive honors cords and certificate of achievement upon graduation.

Student Travel and Enrichment Opportunities

The dance minor program hosts opportunity for student to travel to national and regional conferences, participate in travel to view dance performance and engage in on campus events to include collaborative student and faculty projects, independent study projects, visiting artists events and interdisciplinary projects.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Are you interested in a dance career but wonder how to prepare for that career at South Dakota State University? There is specific programming developed in the interdisciplinary studies major geared to prepare dance students for a profession in dance. Programs of study in dance entrepreneurship, dance therapy and community dance are available within the interdisciplinary studies major to integrate the dance minor with courses in other disciplines to prepare students for careers in the dance profession or for graduate study in dance. Visit with dance faculty for detailed information.