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Oscar Larson Theatre
Founders Recital Hall
Larson Memorial Concert Hall

Performance Spaces and Facilities

SDSU and The Oscar are committed to supporting individuals with disabilities by creating and sustaining an inclusive and accessible environment and experience for all patrons.


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Performance Spaces

Larson Memorial Concert Hall – 1,000 seats

Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center Larson Concert Hall

The Larson Memorial Concert Hall is a beautiful 1,000-seat hall featuring custom acoustics which adjust to meet the needs of all groups performing there. It is fully equipped with its own percussion equipment, risers, acoustical shells, professional sound and recording equipment, along with Fazioli and Steinway concert grand pianos.




Oscar Larson Theatre – 850 seats

A series of blue, pine board chevrons surround the 850-seat audience chamber in the Oscar Larson Theatre. This vibrant and memorable space brings warmth to any event. The Theatre serves as the home of State University Theatre, Prairie Repertory Theatre, SDSU Opera and is the locale for visiting and community artists, lectures and university ceremonies. The performance space includes state-of-the-art lighting and sound, an orchestra pit, and expansive stage and several support areas. The theatre’s grand opening was April 2019 and featured a national tour of "Chicago, the Musical."


Founders Recital Hall – 225 seats

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Founders Recital Hall reflects the exceptional tradition of music education and performance. The name honors the words and intention of benefactor Horace Fishback III, who grew up in Brookings and went on to become a professional organist, composer and professor. The 225 seats create an intimate and interactive space for musicians and visitors. Over 100 annual recitals by music faculty, students and visiting artists are presented each year. In describing the space, Architect Malcom Holzman states, “four slim wood columns, two large beams and an inverted woven wood basket shelter the audience. Silver leafing, zinc shingles and pips add sparkle to the earth tones.”


Fishback Studio Theatre – 180 seats

Fishback Studio Theatre

Opened in 2003, this 180-seat black box-styled theatre has an adjustable seating system and grid-styled lighting allow for a great deal of flexibility and theatrical experimentation. Retractable acoustical curtains can cover the entirety of three walls. A large-screen and high-definition projector allows for large-scale video enhancement for performances and presentations.




Dr. Scotty & Margaret Roberts Lobby

Dr. Scotty & Margaret Roberts Lobby honors longtime Brookings physician and arts patron, Dr. Scotty Roberts and his wife Margaret. Roberts worked behind the scenes on the initial plans for the performing arts center and established an endowment which provides a source of ongoing support for needs within the facility.

Paul & Doris Moriarty Lobby

Paul & Doris Moriarty Lobby recognizes the generosity of Paul and Doris and their appreciation for the exceptional quality of the student performances of the School of Performing Arts and the enjoyment they bring to the community. Paul (1953 Civil Engineering) has committed his professional career to providing quality housing and intentional development in Brookings.

Ernest J. & Mildred K. Hugghins Lobby

Ernest J. & Mildred K. Hugghins Lobby celebrates the exceptional belief in and support of the performing arts center project and honors the lifelong enjoyment and musical performance by ”MK” Mildred K. Hugghins and her husband, Ernest who served as professor of Biology for 33 years and 4 years as Department Head.

Dance Studio

Designed to the exacting standards of professional rehearsal spaces, the SDSU Dance Studio boasts an isolated sprung wood floor, a mirror wall with barre and exceptional natural light. The 2,500 square foot studio with a 20’ ceiling height is a very specialized instructional space and more. It is equipped with a full pipe grid allowing the space to be easily transformed from a teaching environment to an intimate performance space. Multiple overhead lighting positions, curtains to darken the room and cover the mirrors, flexible audio-visual equipment and a few live musicians permit a variety of formal and informal activities.

Large Ensemble Rehearsal Facilities

Two spaces are dedicated to large instrumental ensemble rehearsals – a choral rehearsal room and an instrumental rehearsal room.

Multi-Use Rehearsal Facilities

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Multi-use rehearsals are used for smaller ensembles, sectionals, studio ensembles and evening theatrical rehearsals.

Yonce and Ragdale with recording engineer in The Tank

Campanile Records

Campanile Records is The Oscar's in-house audio recording service capable of producing digital 32-track recordings with a Pro Tools HD system. The dedicated engineers have experience working with a wide variety of projects. From small voice over projects and band demos to large choirs, symphony orchestras and concert bands, Campanile Records does it all. For prices and available times, contact Jay Vanduch.

Our Services

  • Stereo Archival Recording: A simple audio recording of your performance or event at The Oscar. Tracks are unedited; just the way your audience heard it.
  • Multitrack Recording: Use the powerhouse Mac Pro running Pro Tools HD to create your next masterpiece.
  • For Sale Recording: High-quality recording, mixing, editing, duplication, artwork, sales and licensing.

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