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For Theatre and Dance Students

Where Will My Degree Take Me?

Our graduates find a variety of avenues for success in professions in theatre and dance and other areas of endeavor, as well. Our graduates are especially well-prepared for more specifically focused graduate study. This is partly due to the amount of practical experience they gain during their time at SDSU. Our students have found great success in virtually every area of Theatre study in Master of Fine Arts programs at schools across the nation. Students with theatre degrees from SDSU have gone on to study at places like Yale University, Michigan State, the University of Southern California, Indiana University, the University of Wisconsin, Purdue University, Rutgers University, Wayne State University and Virginia Tech.

Other graduates find success in entering the profession as performers, designers, technicians or managers. They are on national tours, as well as working for resident companies. Still others make their way as Theatre educators in K-12 schools or in higher education.

The abilities and competencies of our graduates have served them well in business settings, as well. They work in communications, human resources and any career requiring discipline, organization, motivation and interpersonal communication skills.

Fast Facts

$1000 Average Scholarship, 90% Student:Scholarship Ratio for Majors, 10:1 Faculty Student Ratio, 12 Theatre/Dance Productions