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Dance at State

Dance at State

Dance produces two to three performances each year with opportunities for student choreographed work as well as participation in faculty and visiting artist's works.

Dance at South Dakota State University provides students with opportunity to participate in choreography in several dance styles, including ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre and hip hop, though the program upholds a modern/contemporary somatic dance education focus. Students with dance experience in dance studio, competition or theatrical settings, will find opportunities for continued growth in our productions.

The program values student choreographic voice and provides many opportunities for student devised work in mentored, collaborative settings. Much of the faculty and guest artist directed choreography is rooted in collaborative contemporary work in both large and small- scale projects.

The Program

Any SDSU student interested in pursuing non-competitive dance performance may participate in dance ensemble activities. During the academic year, students can choose to engage in a variety of dance programming. Each year, our production calendar shifts to accommodate student interest, on-going projects or collaborative performance activities.

Our Mission

The Mission of Theatre and Dance at South Dakota State University is to provide a broad-based liberal arts education in Theatre/Dance through hands-on involvement that encourages creative and personal growth artistically, personally and socially. In addition, we serve as a cultural and artistic resource for the University, Community, State and Region.