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Graphic Design Computer Specs

Graphic Design Computer Specifications

Graphic Design is a discipline dependent on up-to-date computer hardware and software which places a very large demand on the equipment. Digital design processes can take many hours to completely render even on the best computers. As students' progress through the program, their resulting work can become more complex and places further strains on aging hardware. As a result, the minimum requirements are based on recommendations of the most computer intensive software and looking to the future when students will be required to do more complex presentations when their computers are 2~3 years old.

To facilitate student competency in top-rated software products demanded by industry professionals, SDSU requires students to purchase current versions of software packages from Adobe. It is imperative that students have the required computer hardware and software packages purchased and properly installed PRIOR to their first day of studio in their first-year of the program (SPRING of the freshman year).




Approx. Cost:

$2899-$3899, depending on upgrade options


2.4GHz 8-core: 8th-generation Intel Core i9 processor



16" Full HD (1920p) Minimum



32GB 2666 MHz DDR4 memory


Disk Storage

1TB SSD storage


Video Card/Graphics

AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory



3-Year Apple Care warranty strongly recommended


External Mouse

Magic Mouse 2


External Hard Drive

Portable Mac Use 4TB or above Hard Drive


Flash Drive

128GB or above Flash Drive


Operating System

10.15 (macOS CATALINA) OR above


To Purchase:

University Bookstore



Software (Student Licenses)




MICROSOFT OFFICE FOR MAC 2011 (FREE through SDSU - Jacks e-mail Office 365 to access)

Typ. $149.99


Adobe Creative Cloud



Students may be asked to purchase additional software, such as Sketch, Webflow and/or InVision in conjunction with additional coursework. Any additional software purchases will be disclosed prior to students’ class registration.


Students with questions or needing clarification should contact Professor Young Ae Kim at Questions about the installation process should contact the SDSU Support Desk at Phone: 605-688-6776


  1. SDSU and the School of Design at SDSU prohibits the use of pirated software. Students who have pirated software on their computers will not be serviced and can be reported. Students are expected to maintain proof of ownership for all software, and will be expected to maintain a file cataloging of all software license numbers, serial numbers, etc.

  2. Be advised that it takes 2-6 weeks for laptops with custom specifications to be received after purchase. Students should plan ahead accordingly to ensure their computer has been received, software loaded, and full functionality ensured prior to the first day of class in their first year (SPRING of the freshman year.

  3. Direct sales of specific software packages may be required.