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Graphic Design

Program in Graphic Design (B.F.A)


The School of Design offers a Professional BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) in Graphic Design that comprises design studio, lecture, and professional application. Graphic Design majors study visual communication theory and process in digital, print, time-based (animation), on-line, and interactive media (web and app design). Areas of study include: design foundations, creative thinking, computer graphics, typography, photography, illustration, motion graphics, publication design, identity systems, interactive design, design research, animation, professional practice or internship, portfolio and a graphic design specific senior capstone course. The program aims to develop knowledge base for careers promote to professional practice, and student prepare a graphic design portfolio for use after graduation seeking positions in business and industry or graduate school, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Students complete 81 credits in design studies with 35 credits of institutional requirements and additional electives to reach 120 credits needed for graduation. Graphic design majors qualify for an art minor as part of their normal degree progress. Students may also pursue minors/majors or additional course work in advertising, entrepreneurial studies, computer science, and animation.

The program’s distinctive interest in professional experiences is realized through internships, professional practice course, travel study to national and international design centers, corporate studios, public relations, and advertising offices as well as student travel to design conferences and art galleries and museums. Annually, trips are made to Minneapolis, Omaha, and Sioux Falls. Previous professional travel-study include China, Germany, Los Angeles, Japan, Chicago, Copenhagen, Denver, Dallas, and New York.

We invite you to check out the work of some of our recent graduates: