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Financial Aid Forms

Many of the forms below are DocuSign forms. If you would like a non-DocuSign copy of a form, please stop by our office in the Enrollment Services Center or email us.

This form is not currently active since the bill due date has passed. This form allows you to request a one 3-week deferment (extension) of the due date of your bill based on pending financial aid or external funding that will not be received until after the due date.

Cost of Attendance Increase Request

  • Fill out this form if you would like to request an increase to your Cost of Attendance.

Financial Aid Privacy Release Form

  • This is the forms students need to fill out if they would like us to be able to give information about their account to someone other than themselves.

If you have been suspended from receiving the Freedom Scholarship and would like to appeal due to extenuating circumstances, please complete Freedom Scholarship - Extenuating Circumstances

Non-SDSU Scholarship/Gift Reporting Form

  • Fill out this form to report any Non-SDSU Scholarships you may be receiving.

Partial Loan Acceptance Form

  • This form allows you to accept a lower amount of a loan than what was offered to you.

If you are suspended from financial aid and would like to appeal, complete:

Jackrabbit Guarantee Exemption Form

  • If you are unable to maintain your eligibility for the Jackrabbit Guarantee Program and would like to request and exemption, use this form.

Jackrabbit Guarantee Appeal Form

  • Use this form to appeal if you have been suspended from the Jackrabbit Guarantee Program.

Scholarship Graduation Waiver Form

  • Graduating a semester early and want to request their remaining semester of South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship to be paid out during their final semester of attendance.
  • In the final year of their bachelor’s degree program and want to request a waiver of the SDSU scholarship requirement to be enrolled full-time (12 credits) because they do not need to take a full-time load to graduate.

SDOS Transfer Form

  • Use this form if you receive the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship and are transferring between participating institutions.

Returning Student Form SDOS

  • This form is for students who attended an out of state institution and within two years of high school graduation returned to South Dakota to attend school.

SDOS Eligibility Reinstatement Form

  • If you fell below a 3.0 and became temporarily ineligible for the SDOS scholarship and have since raised your GPA back up, please fill out this form.

Please complete the Summer Financial Aid Request for the 2024-2025 year. If you have a Work-Study job for summer or will be enrolled at least half-time and want to use a portion of your 2024-2025 Direct Loan allocation to help cover summer costs.

Fill this out to apply for the TEACH Grant.

VA 22-1990 Form

  • Information about the GI Bill.

Please view your financial aid self service to see what type of verification you have been selected for. Requirements listed should all link to appropriate forms.

Dependent Verification form

Dependent Parent Income Verification Form

Dependent Student Income Verification Form

Independent Student Verification Form

Independent Student Income Verification Form

Independent Student Spouse Income Verification Form

If you have additional forms or documents that you need to submit to our office, please submit them using the secure document submission form.