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Financial Aid Meeting

"Statues on SDSU Campus"

Schedule A Financial Aid Meeting

Our staff are available Monday through Friday to meet with students and families in person or online by appointment. Use the link below to schedule a meeting with a Financial Aid representative.

Please note that the Zoom Room is not monitored all day. Please schedule meetings one business day in advance to ensure we will see your meeting request in time. If you would like to speak to us sooner than that, give us a call at 605-688-4695.

If you have a jacks email account, please use Connect State to make an in person or zoom meeting.

Schedule through Connect State

If you do not have access to connect state, send us an email at SDSU Financial Aid Email OR call us at 605-688-4695 to set up an appointment.

Please note that if you are a parent inquiring about your student's information, your student must first complete the Financial Aid Privacy Release Form.