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Online Graduate Courses

Graduate Online Courses

TitleSubjectCourse Number
Business EthicsAGEC557
Rural Real Estate AppraisalAGEC573
Rural Real Estate Appraisal LabAGEC573L
Work Based LearningAGED531
Assessment and Program DesignAHED711
Advanced Selection of Domestic AnimalsAS720
Advanced Beef ProductionAS770
Business EthicsBADM557
Real EstateBLAW533
Communication in Financial PlanningCA517
Practicum: Family Finance PlanCA595
Financial Theory and Research ICA621
Military Personal Finance ReadinessCA645
Insurance Planning for FamiliesCA680
Financial Planning Case StudyCA755
Sem: Survey Digital Invest AssetCA790
Topics: Introduction to GISCD592
Organizing for Community ChangeCD601
Grant Proposal WritingCD642
Nonprofit ManagementCD643
IndSty: IntroGreen Chemistry HS TechCHEM691
Introduction to Play Therapy: Theory and TechniquesCHRD706
Crisis CounselingCHRD741
Counseling the Addictive ClientCHRD756
Current Issues in Academic Advising and Student AffairsCHRD773
Organizational CommunicationCMST510
Health CommunicationCMST540
Developmental Theory and ApplicationECE711
School FinanceEDAD731
Educational Law/LegislationEDAD736
Introduction to ResearchEDER610
Advanced Educational Research Design and AnalysisEDER614
Educational AssessmentsEDER711
Cult/Psyc Prsp Acq English 2nd LanguageEDFN561
Tp: Motivation/Classroom EnvironmentEDFN592
Education in a Pluralistic SocietyEDFN725
Teaching Rdg Across DisciplinesEDFN751
SpTop: Teaching FCS w/TechnologyEDFN792
Topics: Film HistoryENGL592
Topics: The GothicENGL792
Applied Exercise PhysiologyEXS755
Tp: Action Research ProjectFCSE592
History and Philosophy of Family and Consumer SciencesFCSE611
Sustainable CommunitiesGEOG554
GIS: Data Creation and IntegrationGEOG573
GIS: Data Creation and Integration LabGEOG573L
Top: Nongovernmental Organization/FamilyHDFS592
Family Resource ManagementHDFS610
Lifespan DevelopmentHDFS630
Tp: Nongovernmental Organization/FamilyHDFS792
Topics: Statistical MethodsHNS792
Environmental HealthHSC733
Media Law Case StudiesMCOM730
Health Policy, Legislation, Economics and EthicsNURS670
Curriculum Development and Program Evaluation in NursingNURS710
Transformational LeadershipNURS750
FNP Integration: Practicum IINURS768
Nurse Educator DidacticNURS778
Clinical Genetics and Genomics: Advanced ConceptsNURS780
Quantitative Methods in Nursing ResearchNURS830
Translational Research in Health CareNURS855
Advanced Human Nutrition and MetabolismNUTR522
Medical Nutrition Therapy INUTR523
Maternal and Child NutritionNUTR660
Macronutrients in Human NutritionNUTR702
Dietary and Herbal SupplementsNUTR710
Advanced Medical Nutrition TherapyNUTR712
Nutrition and Human PerformanceNUTR725
Foundations in Leadership for DieteticsNUTR743
Vitamins and Minerals in Human NutritionNUTR760
Psychological Aspects of Sport/ExercisePE742
Seminar in Sport and Recreation AdministrationPE771
Pharmacotherapeutics Across the Lifespan Application to Advanced PracticePHA645
Public Health Applied Practice Experience IIPUBH722
Public Health Integrated Learning ExperiencePUBH730
Environmental HealthPUBH733
Public Mental HealthPUBH751
Maternal and Child HealthPUBH753
Principles of Forage QualityRANG710
Methods in Career and Technical EducationSEED502
Basic R ProgrammingSTAT514
Statistical ProgrammingSTAT600
TitleSubjectCourse Number
Foundations of Agricultural EducationAGED650
Research Prob. in Agricultural EducationAGED788
Ruminant NutritionAS712
Monogastric NutritionAS736
Animal Growth and DevelopmentAS750
Evaluation and Use of Breeds in LivestockAS780
Financial CounselingCA612
Fundamentals of Family Financial PlanningCA640
Military Personal Finance ReadinessCA645
Invest for Family's FutureCA660
Insurance Planning for FamiliesCA680
Estate Planning for FamiliesCA704
Housing and Real Estate in FFPCA715
Family, Employee Benefits and Retirement PlanCA725
Personal Income TaxationCA735
Financial Planning Case StudyCA755
Seminar: Values/Impact InvestingCA790
Topics: Community EngagementCD592
Foundations of Community Development StudyCD600
Community Regional Economic Policy AnalysisCD602
Sustainable CommunitiesCD635
Leadership for ChangeCD641
Water Resources EngineeringCEE535
IndSty: Chem Hygiene PlanningCHEM691
Genetics of Human DiseaseCHEM725
Sustainable Building Systems Concepts and AnalysisCM560
Advanced Managerial EconomicsECON751
Introduction to School AdministrationEDAD705
Inquiry Action and ResearchEDER612
Cult/Psyc Prsp Acq Eng 2nd LngEDFN561
Advanced PedagogyEDFN600
Exceptional LearnersEDFN700
Tp: Profession in FOCUSEDFN792
Creative Writing: FictionENGL576
Tp: LiteratureENGL792
History and Philosophy of Family and Consumer SciencesFCSE611
Supervised Student Teaching in Family And Consumer Sciences EducationFCSE673
Curriculum Family/Consumer Science EducationFCSE751
Topics: Adult LearnersFCSE792
Financial ManagementFIN753
Human Factors in DesignGE510
Project ManagementGE569
Management and Leadership in Technical OrganizationsGE685
Environmental Geography/SustainabilityGEOG515
GIS: Vector and Raster ModelingGEOG574
GIS ApplicationsGEOG575
GIS: Vector and Raster Modeling LabGEOG574L
GIS Applications LabGEOG575L
Foundations and Principles of Family and Community ServicesHDFS501
Infant and Early Childhood Mental HealthHDFS551
Program Administration and ManagementHDFS605
Family DynamicsHDFS620
Lifespan DevelopmentHDFS630
Crises Across the LifespanHDFS635
Interpersonal RelationshipsHDFS640
Program Design Evaluation and ImplementationHDFS710
Research Problems/ProjectsHNS788
Tp: Statistical MethodsHNS792
Rural Healthcare MattersHSC502
Biostatistics IHSC631
Writing for PublicationHSC762
Applied Dissemination and Implementation Research in HealthHSC764
Mixed Methods ResearchHSC832
Entrepreneurial MediaMCOM574
Top:Visualizing Data in MediaMCOM592
Introduction to Master of Mass CommunicationMCOM705
Conducting Professional ResearchMCOM786
Foundations of Advanced NursingNURS615
Role Development of the Nurse EducatorNURS620
Advanced Assessment Across the Lifespan for the CNL/Nurse EducatorNURS630
Advanced Assessment Across the LifespanNURS631
CNL I Improvement Science A Microsystem ApproachNURS645
Teaching and Learning Methodologies in NursingNURS720
Psychopathological Disorders Across the LifespanNURS733
Theories and Interventions for Individuals and GroupsNURS734
Psychiatric/Mental Health Advanced Practice Across the Lifespan INURS736
AGACNP Integration: Practicum INURS738
Advanced Concepts in Health Promotion and Disease PreventionNURS760
Writing for PublicationNURS762
FNP Integration: Practicum IIINURS771
Nursing Administration: PracticumNURS774
Nurse Educator DidacticNURS778
Clinical Epidemiology: Advanced ConceptsNURS781
Philosopohical Basis for Nursing InquiryNURS815
Mixed Methods ResearchNURS832
Ethical Issues Influencing Practice and Research in HealthNURS835
Health Promotion Theory and Research MethodsNURS840
Adv Assess-Lifes Clinical LabNURS631L
Nursing Administrative Practicum Clinical LabNURS774L
Nutrition and ImmunologyNUTR706
Applied Research and Evidence-Based AnalysisNUTR708
Public Health NutritionNUTR715
Nutrition Focus on Life StagesNUTR723
Nutrition & Human PerformanceNUTR725
Obesity Across the LifespanNUTR727
Pediatric Clinical NutritionNUTR728
Research Methods in DieteticsNUTR734
Current Trends in Dietetics PracticeNUTR735
Nutrition and AgingNUTR761
Logistics and Transportation ManagementOM515
Quality ControlOM760
Public Health Theory and PracticePUBH702
Public Health Applied Practice Experience IIIPUBH723
Leadership and Project Management in Public HealthPUBH729
Public Health Integrated Learning ExperiencePUBH730
Applied Dissemination and Implementation Research in HealthPUBH764
Public Health ToxicologyPUBH767
Ecology of Invasive SpeciesRANG530
R ProgrammingSTAT515
Exploratory and Cloud-Based Data AnalysisSTAT542
Modern Applied Statistics ISTAT601