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Summer 2024 Deadlines

ALL deadlines must be met in order to qualify for Summer 2024 graduation. Late submissions will likely result in a delayed graduation date. Exceptions will only be made for extenuating circumstances.

June 14, 2024 - Graduation Application Deadline Due

Students not meeting graduation requirements in the semester they apply will be assessed a $50 charge and a registration hold will be placed on their account by the Graduate School until the charge is paid. If the degree is not granted, a new graduation application is required for the subsequent semester. Students who apply and successfully graduate will not be charged. Graduation applications will be available on MyState.

July 19, 2024 - Final Oral Exam Completed

The final oral exam for both masters (Option A) and doctoral students must be completed by this date for graduation during the current semester. A final oral exam form must be submitted to the Graduate School at least TWO WEEKS prior to the exam date selected.

August 9, 2024 - Thesis/Dissertation Deposited to the Graduate School 

Theses/dissertations must be submitted via ProQuest by this date. See Graduate School website for formatting guidelines and submission instructions. The signed acceptance page, copyright form and library binding fee must accompany the final submission by this deadline.

August 16, 2024 - Capstone Component Completion

Masters option B, C and D students must have their final capstone component completed by this date. The component is determined and scheduled through the department.

All Ph.D. Students must complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates prior to leaving campus. Details will be sent via Jacks e-mail.

August 16, 2024 - Official Summer Graduation Date

This date will be noted on the final transcript. There is only one graduation ceremony, held each Spring. You are invited to attend the ceremony closest to your graduation semester, but are only able to walk in one ceremony. Contact the Graduate School for more details.

September 27, 2024 - Official Transcripts Available 

Official transcripts will be available no later than this date. Electronic or paper transcripts can be ordered through the Registrar’s Office or by visiting the Registrar’s Office. Cost of an official transcript is $9.

October 2024 - Diplomas Available 

Diplomas will be made available during the month of October and can be picked up in the Registrar’s Office or mailed. Students should complete the diploma order request form from the forms list on MyState to indicate their preferred method of delivery.


* If you do not graduate during the anticipated semester, you will need to register for at least 1 credit during the consecutive semester(s) until you complete your degree.

*For add/drop dates, school holidays, final exam dates and other important deadlines see the university academic calendar.