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The First Fifteen Years Report
SunGrant Initiative - The First Fifteen Years
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North Central Regional Sun Grant Center: Ten-Year Report - 2008-2017
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corn field being harvested

Chemicals from corn may bond durable plastic materials

Chemicals extracted from corn may one day be used to produce durable, heat-resistant plastic parts, thanks to research conducted by Distinguished Professor Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan.

Sun Grant project explores adding cellulose fibers to asphalt

Assistant professor Rouzbeh Ghabchi led a Sun Grant study to determine whether cellulose fibers, harvested from agricultural residue and forest byproducts, can be integrated into asphalt pavement mixtures.

Gent becomes North Central Sun Grant regional director

Professor Stephen Gent of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is the regional director of the North Central Sun Grant Center.