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Contacts and Research Support

Division of Research and Economic Development

Dianne Nagy - Assistant Vice President for Research Development and Administration: Signature authority (contracts, agreements, amendments and supporting documents for grant applications); Proposal submissions for NASA NSPIRES, SD BOR, and others.

Elizabeth (Liz) Martinson - Program Assistant: Administrative support for technology transfer (invention disclosures, INTEUM, inquiries, etc.); administrative support for contracts and agreements routing; routing form, technical support and questions.

Jessica Andrews - Grant Development Specialist: Pre-award proposal development and support; research development training; InfoReady administration, including limited submissions and internal competitions; AOR submission authority (NSF, NIH,, USDA and others as needed); and routing approval.

Kaitlyn (Katie) Bratberg - Program Assistant: Administrative support for Division of Research and Economic Development team and research integrity and compliance, including IACUC administrative support.

Dr. Michele Mucciante - University Veterinarian: Animal welfare policies and procedures; vivarium management; policies and procedures for all aspects of veterinary care; and IACUC technical questions.

Keiji Horikoshi - Program Director of Research Integrity and Compliance: Allegations of research misconduct; responsible conduct of research (RCR) training; export controls review and technology control plans;IRB administration and questions, assist CITI users, and training on human subjects research.

Research Integrity and Compliance

Vivarium and University Veterinarian

Technology Transfer and Commercialization (TTC)

  • Rick Swatloski - TreMonti Consulting for South Dakota State University
  • Contact Dr. Daniel Scholl or Elizabeth Martinson, program assistant, with immediate questions.

College Grant Specialists and Coordinators

College Associate Deans for Research

Office of Grants and Contracts Administration

For new awards and amendments to existing awards -

For subawards where SDSU is the Prime Entity -

  • Jill O'Neil - Director: Administration, Collections, Effort Reporting
  • Eric Kinslow - Assistant Director: Administration, NRCS, various State Agencies, and Grants Management Training
  • Bobby Markham - Grant Accounting Analyst: Reviews/Approves Proposal Budgets, Service Center rate development, Cost Accountant, Monitors federal contracts, Department of Education, National Buffalo Foundation, and private funds
  • Courtney Jones - Grant Accounting Analyst: Single Audit Compliance, Monitors DHHS, SD GOED, and USDA Sun Grant funds
  • Dipali Salunke - Accounting Analyst: Monitors USDA ARS, ERS funds and Effort Reporting
  • Cindy Steen - Grant Specialist: Monitors NSF direct and pass through, BOR EPSCoR and NASA funds
  • Jordy Stulken - Grant Specialist: Monitors USDA NIFA, APHIS, FAS and DOT funds
  • Terese Van Ravenswaay - Grant Specialist: Monitors USDA pass through, NREC, Commodity groups, and various ag related funds
  • Kim Steineke - Grant Specialist: Monitors DOI pass through, NASA pass through, SDSU Foundation, DOT, OSHA, NEA, NEH, and other Non-Profit funds