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Ethel Austin Martin Program

Dr. Ethel Austin Martin

Ethel Austin Martin, a distinguished nutritionist, was instrumental in developing research grant programs, instituting nutrition conferences, founding journals and writing several nutrition textbooks.

  • Graduated from SDSU in 1916.
  • Did graduate work at Columbia University and the University of Chicago.
  • Joined the National Dairy Council in 1929 and served as director of nutrition services.
  • Established an endowment at SDSU.


The purpose of the E.A. Martin Program in Human Nutrition is to:

  • Advance knowledge in the science of human nutrition through a multidisciplinary approach, including both research projects and educational programs.
  • Encourage practical applications in improving human health.
  • Offer professional enrichment in nutrition for all students, faculty and staff at SDSU.

The E.A. Martin Program advances nutrition knowledge with these campus activities:

  • Active research projects take place within and often extend beyond the program, collaborating with other investigators from SDSU and the region.
  • E.A. Martin Distinguished Lecture is a long-standing tradition at SDSU, bringing in world-renowned speakers in the field of human nutrition.

An E.A. Martin Program Reunion was held on Oct. 4, 2019, in conjunction with SDSU's annual Hobo Day Festivities. Current and former staff, students and colleagues were in attendance to reminisce and recognize the EAM accomplishments over the years. The E.A. Martin Endowed Chair, Bonny Specker gave the EAM Director's Address.