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Water and Environmental Engineering Research Center


The Water and Environmental Engineering Research Center (WEERC) is located in the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering at SDSU. WEERC conducts research, education and outreach activities through principal investigators who are faculty members in the Engineering College. WEERC projects are funded by governmental agencies, cities and industry and are focused on engineering solutions to water resources and environmental problems. These projects often involve collaboration with other SDSU departments or off-campus units.

WEERC also maintains a water and wastewater analytical laboratory in Crothers Engineering Hall in conjunction with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The laboratory supports research projects, environmental engineering courses and outreach/service activities.

Water and Environmental Engineering Research Center News

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toxin-laden carbon

Sunlight, titanium dioxide remove harmful compounds from wastewater

Doctoral student Ibrahim Abusallout of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is using natural sunlight and titanium dioxide to break up harmful compounds which form when disinfectants, such as chlorine, react with organic matter in the wastewater.