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Agricultural & Environmental Law Certificate (Undergraduate)

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What are the rights and obligations of a farmer? How do you pursue legal protection for land, produce and property? What does it look like to ensure the safety of others when it comes to agricultural practices?

Take your knowledge of the law and agricultural experience to the next level with SDSU’s 15-credit online certificate in Agricultural and Environmental Law. Focus on legal issues that arise in rural communities and the food industry. Examine legal concerns surrounding water quality, land-use and other environmental issues. Develop a working understanding of the legislative regulation of food production, renewable energy and an expanding population. Learn to recognize and understand legal issues related to agricultural business contracts, tenancy, property, agency and employment issues. The goal of the program is to provide you with a firm grasp of the laws that may impact your career and personal activities. The Agricultural & Environmental Law certificate provides a foundational understanding of core agricultural legal concepts while offering different areas of emphasis that appeal to your specific interests and experiences.

This program is offered by SDSU through AG*IDEA, an affiliate of the Great Plains IDEA. AG*IDEA courses are taught by experienced faculty members in agriculture disciplines.

Is it for you?

This program will be a good fit if you:

  • Have strong writing and communication skills
  • Critical thinking and enjoy problem solving
  • Enjoy business, agriculture, and environmental policy analysis
  • Interested in agriculture, food or natural resource industries
  • Enjoy working with others to resolve ecological questions and environmental issues

Career Opportunities

  • Law school
  • Paralegal
  • Government agents
  • Bankers and lenders
  • Real Estate Professionals