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University Policies and Procedures

Welcome to the University Policy and Procedure Manual

This is the definitive source for the most current South Dakota State University policies. Policies duplicated on other websites or in print may not be the most current version. All policies documented on this site are official and supersede policies located elsewhere. South Dakota State University is governed by state and federal law, administrative regulations and policies of the South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) and the State of South Dakota.


5:1   Contract, Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding Review and Approval

5:2   Membership and Licensure

5:3   Clothing Provided to Employees

5:4   Household Moving Allowance

5:5   Journal Vouchers

5:6   Procurement Cards

5:7   Fraud Policy

5:8   Service or Recharge Center Rates

5:9   Fixed Assets

5:10  Infrastructure Reporting

5:11  University Cash Receipts

5:12  University Collections

5:13  Cell Phone Stipends and State-Owned Cell Phones

5:14  Event Ticket Sales and Accessible Seating

5:15  Employee Travel

5:16  Consulting Contracts

5:17  Institutional Representation Funds

5:18  Reporting Works of Art and Historical Treasures

5:19  MyJacks Cards

5:20  Credit Card Payments

5:21  Property Management

5:22  Research Subject and Incentive Payments

5:23  Awards and Prizes

5:24  Goods or Services Sold to the General Public

5:25  Allowable Expenses for Student Programs

5:26  Established Cash Funds

5:27  Fixed Price Award Residual Balances

5:28  Administrative Withdrawal for Accounts Receivable Balances

5:29  Cost Share

5:30  Participant Support Costs on Sponsored Projects

5:31  Program Income from Sponsored Projects

5:32  Charging Direct Costs on Sponsored Projects

5:33  Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects

5:34  Minimum Effort on Sponsored Projects

5:35  Purchasing Policy

5:36  Department Responsibilities with University Funds

5:37  Gift Acceptance

5:38  Affiliated Entities

5:39  Award and Budget Revision to Sponsored Projects

5:40  Expenditure Monitoring of Sponsored Projects

Additional Resources:

New and Recently Revised Policies

06/27/2024 Fireworks, Pyrotechnics and Flame Effects (revised University Policy 10:13)
(The policy was revised clerically and to include a link to the permit application.)

05/21/2024 Student Housing (revised University Policy 3:3)
(The policy was rewritten to align with BOR Policy 3.7.1 and the current practices of Housing and Residential Life.)

05/13/2024 Purchasing Policy (revised University Policy 5:35)
(The policy was revised to align with changes to South Dakota law regarding purchasing limits and to add provisions referencing BOR Policy 1.7.4 regarding sanctions screening.)

Draft Policies

Pertinent draft policies will be posted here to allow for feedback from the campus community. You are encouraged to review and send comments or questions regarding any of the draft policies to the University Policy Manual Editor.

Drafts for Fall 2024 Implementation:

Revised Student Organization Travel and Field Trips (2:12)
(Revised University Policy 2:12; The policy was revised to provide clarification on the university’s processes for overnight accommodations associated with student travel and the review of external agreement forms by the Office of General Counsel.)

Communications and Branding
(New policy implementing BOR Policy 1.7.6. In December 2023, the BOR announced the creation of a new communications and branding policy, BOR Policy 1.7.6. The policy establishes requirements for consistent standards related to brand and official communications of BOR institutions, including SDSU. First, the new policy defines branded content and graphical marks, as well as what constitutes an official communication. Second, the policy establishes the requirement for universities to set and protect their brand and aligned official communications standards. Third, the policy sets out standards for official communications of BOR institutions, including expectations for appropriate use of branded content within official communications. The draft University Communications and Branding Policy is governed by, implements, and aligns with BOR Policy 1.7.6.)

Revised Authorized University Text Messages (7:15)
(Revised University Policy 7:15; This policy is being revised to add references to the new BOR Communications and Branding Policy (1.7.6). The requirement for departments or units to develop a protocol for sending text messages was also enhanced to align with BOR Policy 1.7.6.)

Revised University External Websites (7:14)
(Revised University Policy 7:14; This policy is being revised primarily to add references to the new BOR Communications and Branding Policy (1.7.6). Additional revisions include adding social media platforms to the definition of website, adding exceptions for hosting official social media platforms, adding a provision requiring all content bearing SDSU logos or trademarks to comply with BOR Policy 1.7.6, revising language on training for web editors, and revising language relating to the responsibilities of University Marketing and Communications.)

Revised Acceptable Use of Social Media (7:1)
(Revised University Policy 7:1; This policy is being revised primarily to add references to the new BOR Communications and Branding Policy (1.7.6.). Additional revisions clarify employee use of personal social media accounts and accompanying language.)

Revised Campus-Wide Posting (6:9)
(Revised University Policy 6:9; This policy is being revised primarily to add references to the new BOR Communications and Branding Policy (1.7.6.). Additional revisions include adding a definition of electronic reader board, clarifying approved vs. unapproved posters, updating criteria for posters submitted to Information Exchange for approval, adding reference to Residential Life Handbook for displays in residence halls, adding timeframe for submission of posters to Information Exchange for approval, and updating procedure for appeals.)