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High School Dual Credit

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Dual credit is an opportunity for high school students to enroll in college courses and start fulfilling requirements for a degree from South Dakota State University while completing their high school diploma. Students are able to choose from a number of on-campus and online general education classes.

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  • Accelerate your SDSU education
  • Lower tuition cost
  • Simplify the transition from high school

Students bringing in substantial credits may complete their degree in a condensed timeframe or find their schedules will allow them to explore a variety of opportunities to enhance their college experience and academic career.

Dual credit students can more easily:

  • Add a second major
  • Include diverse minors
  • Participate in a study abroad program
  • Accomplish undergraduate research
  • Pursue an internship
  • Serve in a leadership role in student clubs/ organizations
  • Complete an Experiential Learning Certificate

These options can immerse students in a more engaging, well-rounded educational experience that can provide valuable advantages in future career success.

**A large number of incoming credits does not in itself guarantee a shorter path to a degree!