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Upward Mobility Curriculum

MLS Upward Mobility Year One
Course NumberClass NameFallSpring
MLS 312MLT to MLS Transition3 
MLS 341Diagnostic Microbiology I 3
MLS 401Hematology II/Hemostasis3 
MLS 403Diagnostic Immunology 3
MLS 431Principles of Immunohematology2 
MLS 461Management & Education 3
 TOTAL =89
MLS Upward Mobility Year Two
Course NumberClass NameFallSpringSummer
MLS 411Clinical Chemistry II3  
MLS 441Diagnostic Microbiology II3  
MLS 451Immunohematology II2  
MLS 468Advanced Supervised Clinical Experience 5 
MLS 471Advanced Medical Diagnostics 2 
MLS 469Advanced Supervised Clinical Experience II  5
MLS 483Senior Capstone Clinical Experience  3
 TOTAL =878