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SDSU Climate Justice Interactive Experience

Climate Change, Public Health and At-Risk Populations in South Dakota

Climate change is happening everywhere. Everyone is a stakeholder. The SDSU Climate Justice Experience highlights the impacts of climate change on public health through, interactive map stories and presentations, as it relates to the socioeconomic, food and housing security of indigenous and rural populations of South Dakota.

Climate change is a global issue, but impacts can be felt at a personal health level. This provides an opportunity to not only help at-risk communities through public health initiatives but also the opportunity to educate all residents on what they can do to help lessen climate change effects on public health issues in their communities. The SDSU Climate Justice Experience is one public health initiative that can be used by all residents to learn how they can help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Test your knowledge of climate change justice through the Trivia Quiz. Hint, many of the answers can be found within the Climate Justice Experience website.

The SDSU Climate Justice project explores the ways in which climate change has affected the environment of South Dakota through the method of navigable story maps. Explore the two-story maps to learn more about climate change in South Dakota communities.

This section shares educational and public health initiatives to improve health and lessen the impacts of climate change within Native American and rural communities in South Dakota.

The fourth component, let’s you answer the questions about climate change and public health.