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Accelerated Curriculum

MLS Accelerated Program Courses
Course NumberClass NameFallSpringSummer
MLS 201Understanding MLS2  
MLS 301Hematology I2  
MLS 301LHematology I Lab (Online)1  
MLS 311Clinical Chemistry I4  
MLS 341Diagnostic Microbiology I3  
MLS 401Hematology II/Hemostasis 3 
MLS 401LHematology II/Hemostasis Lab    1
MLS 403Diagnostic Immunology3  
MLS 411Clinical Chemistry II 3 
MLS 411LClinical Chemistry II Lab (Online) 1 
MLS 412Laboratory Methods3  
MLS 431Principles of Immunohematology2  
MLS 441Diagnostic Microbiology II 3 
MLS 441LDiagnostic Microbiology II Lab  2
MLS 451Immunohematology II 2 
MLS 451LImmunohematology II Lab  1
MLS 461Management & Education 3 
MLS 471Advanced Medical Diagnostics 2 
MLS 471LAdvanced Medical Diagnostics Lab  2
MLS 489Phlebotomy Experience  3
 TOTAL =20179
Clinical Experience Accelerated MLS Courses
Course NumberClass NameCredits
MLS 472Advanced Clinical Experience8
MLS 473Advanced Clinical Diagnostics I3
MLS 474Advanced Clinical Diagnostics II3
MLS 475Advanced Clinical Experience II3
MLS 483Senior Capstone Clinical Experience3
 TOTAL =20