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Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum


First Year   Credits
*First Year Experience-Pharmacy, PHA 109   2
General Chemistry, CHEM 112-112L, 114-114L   8
General Biology, BIOL 151-151L   4
Composition I, ENGL 101   3
Fundamentals of Speech, SPCM 101   3
Survey of Calculus, MATH 121-121L   5
*Humanities & Arts/Diversity   6
*Cultural Awareness, Social and Environmental Responsibility   3
Total   34
Second Year   Credits
Organic Chemistry, CHEM 326-326L, 328-328L   8
General Microbiology, MICR 231-231L   4
Anatomy, BIOL 221-221L   4
Physiology, BIOL 325-325L   4
Composition II, ENGL 201   3
Introduction to Statistics, STAT 281   3
Principles of Macroeconomics, ECON 202   3
*Social Sciences/Diversity   3
+General Elective   3
Total   35

*These courses should be selected to satisfy the general education (SGRs) and SDSU core (IGRs) courses as described in the SDSU Undergraduate Catalog.

+There are 3 additional General Elective credits in the professional phase of the curriculum.

Students with a bachelor’s degree are not required to complete the general education or SDSU core requirements unless they wish to receive the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the end of the P2 year.


¹Required coursework for the B.S. degree includes the following:

Humanities & Arts/Diversity (6 credits)
From the list in SGR #4 (in two disciplines or a sequence of foreign language courses).
Social Sciences/Diversity (3 credits + Econ 202)
From the list in SGR #3 (non-econ).
First Year Experience (2 credits)
From the list in IGR #1. Students who take PHA 109 fulfill this requirement.
Cultural Awareness, Social and Environmental Responsibility (3 credits)
From the list in IGR #2.
General Electives (6 credits from any discipline)

¹An SDSU Guide to General Education Requirements can be found in the catalog.

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