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Regulation and Function of LINE-1 Retrotransposons in Development and Disease

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[2019] Dr. An receives an R03 grant from NICHD.

[2019] Both Mason and Chase are accepted into University of South Dakota MD Program.

[2019] Heather Collazo joins us this summer as a fellow of the FAST REEU program.

[2019] Trenton LaCanne receives the Joseph F. Nelson Summer Research Scholarship.

[2019] Read our review "Recently mobilized transposons in the human genome" and collaborative work "Transposon expression and repression in human fetal germ cells".

[2018] Dr. An receives an R15 AREA grant from NIGMS.

[2018] Chase Habben receives the Schultz-Werth Paper Award.

[2018] Partha Saha receives Sigma Xi Graduate Proposal Competition 2nd Place.

[2018] Simon Newkirk receives Professional Staff Excellence in Scholarly Activity Award.

[2017] Chase Habben receives the Joseph F. Nelson Summer Research Scholarship.

[2017] Mason Jones receives the Schultz-Werth Paper Award.

[2017] Simon's PNAS paper is out. See Commentary by J.P. Wang and Highlight by C. Chen.

[2016] Mason Jones receives the Joseph F. Nelson Summer Research Scholarship.

[2016] Nicole Vanden Berg is accepted into University of Minnesota VetMed Program.

[2016] Dr. An is named the College of Pharmacy Outstanding Researcher.

[2015] Dr. An receives two R21 grants from NICHD and NIH Office of the Director.

[2015] Our Genome Research paper is now online.

[2014] We are now a member of the Center for Systems Biology of Retrotransposition.

Join us in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at SDSU.