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Tuition Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Before withdrawing students are urged to consult with their faculty adviser. Students must contact the Registrar's Office to process a withdrawal. Those who leave SDSU without processing an official withdrawal will be reported as having failed their semester courses.

A student's withdrawal date is the date the student began the SDSU withdrawal process or officially notified the institution of intent to withdraw; or the midpoint of the semester for a student who leaves without notifying the institution; or the student's last date of attendance at a documented academically related activity.

Students who withdraw, drop out, or are expelled from the University within the add period receive 100% refund of tuition and course related fees. Students who withdraw, drop out, or are expelled from the University after the add period for the enrollment period for which they are assessed, may be entitled to a refund of tuition and fees and institutional charges calculated through sixty percent of the refund period. The refund shall be determined by computing the percentage of an enrollment period remaining after the date of withdrawal times the tuition and fees originally assessed to the student. Students with a room contract or food service contract will receive a refund based on the unused portion of the fee at the time of withdrawal up to the sixty percent point of the period. The balance of flex plan dollars will be refunded at 100%.

Please review the Return of Title IV Funds Policy for information on how withdrawal impacts federal student loan disbursements.