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South Dakota Geographic Alliance

South Dakota Geographic Alliance

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About Us

South Dakota State University Geography Department recognized a need for teacher training and has been offering courses tailored to teachers since 1984. In 1991, the South Dakota Geographic Alliance was formed to carry on the Department’s goal of providing geographic training to teachers in the state. In the past, the SDGA has sent teachers to the National Geographic Alliance Summer Institutes, run summer seminars for teachers, coordinated Geography Awareness Week activities, hosted the State Geography Bee, and has co-sponsored the annual South Dakota State Geography Convention.

Today, the SDGA is reforming the organization under new leadership and is reassessing the needs of K-12 educators in South Dakota. We are seeking interested parties from across the state to join a new Steering Committee that will develop a new mission and vision for the SDGA, and develop goals which the SDGA will then implement. If you are interested in being a member of the Steering Committee, please contact Emily White, Operations Manager.  

The SDGA is funded through grants from the National Geographic Education Foundation. 


The purpose of the SDGA is to strengthen geographic literacy in South Dakota. We are interested in helping K-12 educators and administrators bring geographic critical thinking skills into the classroom. In the future we will be supporting classrooms with materials, training and in other ways. Join the SDGA: Membership is free! Please contact Emily White for more information.