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Undergraduate Programs

Geography is the science that studies the distribution of both physical and human features of the Earth’s surface. Geographers seek to describe, relate and explain the natural and cultural phenomena that distinguish places around the world. Geographers focus upon “where” and “why” questions concerning the global environment. The process of change and an examination of how humans modify the Earth is a continual emphasis.

The Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences provides coursework leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and also in Geographic Information Sciences (GISc). The Geography major requires 35 credit hours, where the GISc major requires 41 credit hours.  Minors in Geography and Geographic Information Sciences are also offered by the Department. There is also a Community and Regional Planning major, which prepares students for careers in planning agencies where they can attain positions as city manager and community planners at the city, county, state or regional level. This major requires 60 credit hours. Note that our B.S. in GISc is a STEM program (CIP Code: 45.0702, Geographic Information Science and Cartography). 

Bachelor of Science: