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  • Avera Health & Science Center

    Avera Health & Science Center

    Avera Health & Science Center opened in July 2010 and features 97,000 square feet of teaching, laboratory and office space as well as 48,600 square feet of research laboratory space.

  • Bailey Rotunda

    Bailey Rotunda

    The Rotunda houses seven large, theater-style classrooms and a technology center to provide the latest in modern teaching techniques.

  • Ben Reifel Hall in the summertime

    Ben Reifel Hall

    Reifel was born in a log cabin on the Rosebud Indian Reservation on September 19, 1906. He was born to a Lakota mother (Lucy Burning Breast) and a father of German descent (William Reifel). As a college student Reifel was active in campus life. He was elected president of the Students' Association and in 1932 earned degrees in chemistry and dairy science.

  • Berg Agricultural Hall

    Berg Agricultural Hall

    Named in honor of former University President Sherwood Berg, Berg Agricultural Hall houses the offices of the Dean of Agriculture, the Director of the Cooperative Extension Service, and the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. State 4-H offices are located here as well as Biology laboratories and classrooms.

  • Binnewies Hall

    Binnewies Hall

    Binnewies Hall is a co-ed residence hall on the east side of campus built in 1969. It is connected by Larson Commons to Young Hall. Binnewies houses 490 residents in its eight building wings.

  • Brown Hall

    Brown Hall

    Brown Hall is a co-ed residence hall located in the Grove area built in 1959. It houses 400 residents.

  • Caldwell Hall

    Caldwell Hall

    Caldwell Hall houses approx. 300 students and is used as a co-ed hall for second year students. Caldwell also has some specifically designed ADA rooms available for students with additional needs.

  • Central Heating Plant

    Central Heating Plant

    The Central Heating Plant heats about 85% of the buildings on campus.

  • Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall

    Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall

    The 62,000-square-foot Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall is the latest facility upgrade in the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering.

  • Communications Center

    Communications Center

    The Communications Center is located on Campanile Avenue between Morrill Hall and Bailey Rotunda.