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College of Arts & Sciences

Find yourself at South Dakota State University

The COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES is the heart of South Dakota State University, with academic programs that span the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. All students take courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, even those who do not declare majors in the College. That’s because the liberal-arts curriculum teaches practical lifelong skills — communication, problem-solving and critical thinking — necessary for success in any field.

By choosing one of 30-plus majors in Arts and Sciences, students find programs that fit their interests and abilities. Because most of our students enter the workplace upon graduation, Arts and Sciences programs connect classroom learning to future employment by offering real-world experiences and perspectives. A degree in Arts and Sciences helps students become interesting and interested people who determine their own paths through their future careers. That degree also can be an excellent foundation for professional study in medicine, law or business. Arts and Sciences programs prepare students for graduate work in any number of other fields.

The links at the right offer more details on the majors, the minors, the faculty and the opportunities in the College of Arts and Sciences.