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Mission, Vision and Values


The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences serves the public good by weaving the cultural, artistic and intellectual fabric of the university experience so that it transforms passion and creativity into a lifetime of discovery and opportunity.


The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences adapts to a changing world by investing in innovative teaching and experiential learning, interdisciplinary research, scholarship and creative activity and community partnerships that advance the public good. While retaining its commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching, the college will align its culture and structures with those of an R1 research intensive institution that supports the full breadth of research, scholarship and creative activity.

Core Values

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences believes that the liberal arts provide the foundation for life-long learning, personal and professional development, and a higher quality of life. Our core principles and values reflect this commitment:

  • Opportunity – The college exists to create opportunity for students, faculty and staff to grow both personally and professionally. We particularly embrace the need to create opportunities for currently underserved students, including working adults, transfer students, underrepresented students and first-generation students.
  • Community – The college works to foster a sense of community among our students, faculty and staff through clubs and organizations, student-faculty research, musical and theatrical ensembles and other forms of experiential learning. We also partner with the diverse communities of South Dakota to address the social, economic and cultural challenges facing us today.
  • Citizenship – The college believes that the liberal arts provide a strong foundation for a lifetime of engaged and informed citizenship. We seek to provide students, faculty, staff and community members with opportunities to explore complex and challenging ideas, engage in reasoned debate and pursue robust discussions with civility and compassion. 
  • Creativity – The college believes that human creativity is an engine of innovation for individuals and for society. Our faculty and students create new knowledge through social scientific and humanistic research and scholarship, through artistic endeavors in the fine and performing arts and through applied research in professional fields.