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SDSU Annual Bull Sale

We are back to a face-to-face sale this year!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold a face-to-face sale in 2020. Pending university approval, our goal is to be back to a somewhat normal sale in 2021. We will need to follow university protocols for social distancing and wearing of facemasks indoors; however, we are optimistic that we will be able to have our customers back on site for the sale. Unfortunately, because of limited capacity, we will only be able to allow bidding customers and their guests into the building for the auction and lunch prior to the sale.

A special thanks goes out to Kevin Vander Wal and his crew at the Cow-Calf Education and Research Facility. We are extremely appreciative of the tireless hours that these individuals have dedicated to our purebred cow herd. This sale, in addition to many other student activities, would not be possible without Kevin’s commitment to our program.

Please feel free to stop by the Cow-Calf Unit and view the bulls at any time. If you have questions pertaining to the bulls, please feel free to contact a member of the Seedstock Merchandising Class, Kevin Vander Wal (605-693-2253), or Dr. Cody Wright (605-688-5448).

Kind regards,
2021 Seedstock Merchandising Class Members: Brandon Berg, Brooke DeRouchey, Allison Grygiel, Scott Halverson, William Knudson, Dylan Kohn, Madison Kovarna, Amanda Lambert, Madelyn Leqve, Daniel Moriarty, Tommy Norman, Jacob Rausch, Tyler Reese, Mariah Sage, Alex Thyen, and Riggen Zelinsky.

How the Limited Auction Sale Works
The bulls will be available for viewing at 10 am on Friday, April 2nd. Buyers interested in a specific bull or multiple bulls must turn in their bidder cards by 1:00 pm. At that point, the sale order will be set based upon the number of interested buyers for each bull. Only buyers with a bull listed on their bidder card will be able to participate in the auction for that bull. Buyers interested in purchasing a bull remotely, can contact Kevin Vander Wal at 605-693-2253. Any bulls not sold in the sale will be available to prospective buyers on a first come, first served basis. All of our normal discounts and guarantees are still in place. SDSU retains the right to in-herd semen use at our expense and the buyer’s convenience.

The catalog for this year's sale is available at this link.

Sale Day Phone Number: 605-693-2253

Sale Start Date and Time:  April 2, 2021, 1 p.m.

Average performance data [Growth and Feed Efficiency data have been added to the tables in the tabs by breed below.]

IDBreedWeight 12/10/2020Weight 2/23/2021ADGADFIF:G
 Overall Average875.11175.34.0020.725.19
Angus Bulls
IDDOBAAA No.NameBWAdj. WWWW RatioAdj. YWYW RatioFrame ScoreAdj. ScrotalAdj. %IMF%IMF RatioAdj. RERE Ratio
00401/28/2019773926S D S Gold Rush 004H8465310012881004.635.642.2610013.2100
02702/04/2019773125S D S Capitalist 027H726019711821015.234.892.037812.898
03302/06/2019773129S D S Gold Rush 033H8966110012691005.338.422.1810012.5100
03502/07/2019773131S D S Capitalist 035H706281011162994.835.982.429312.697
03802/09/2019773134S D S Capitalist 038H7561098105590434.553.6214013.5104
04002/10/2019773136S D S Payweight 040H8067510912701095.334.243.1712212.798
04302/11/2019773138S D S Capitalist 043H546351021075924.332.612.459513.2102
04502/11/2019773140S D S Acclaim 045H7658110011461004.837.582.3810013.5100
04602/11/2019773141S D S Gold Rush 046H9173910013951006.139.612.6610012.9100
04902/13/2019773144S D S Gold Rush 049H6364210011561004.635.172.7410012.1100
06102/15/2019773147S D S Payweight 061H8869711212791095.436.212.6910412.798
06702/16/2019773559S D S Raindance 067H9861910013291145.934.242.439412.697
06802/16/2019773551S D S Raindance 068H9972011613261145.440.272.7210513.1101
07202/18/2019773532S D S Raindance 072H85571921153994.734.332.419312.999
010703/23/2019773116S D S Capitalist 0107H686581061144984.936.422.128213.4103

EPDs, Indexes, and Percentile Rankings

00401/28/2019773926S D S Gold Rush 004H7450.230775139415218950.54500.7525682515615
02702/04/2019773125S D S Capitalist 027H7451.965761012910131024600.13950.5455801013445
03302/06/2019773129S D S Gold Rush 033H9300.33068201251516121800.66400.4075663013050
03502/07/2019773131S D S Capitalist 035H6551.1458031394103527350.61450.901086317110
03802/09/2019773134S D S Capitalist 038H10200.12562351143076528300.74300.9510692016610
04002/10/2019773136S D S Payweight 040H4701.965711512220112532100.66400.4075791014035
04302/11/2019773138S D S Capitalist 043H1310-0.51560401133014530200.88200.4075721516115
04502/11/2019773140S D S Acclaim 045H1020-0.81568201212010353450.56500.861583415715
04602/11/2019773141S D S Gold Rush 046H9300.635721013410112524600.65400.5160712014825
04902/13/2019773144S D S Gold Rush 049H-2953.085731012810121522750.81250.8615643016610
06102/15/2019773147S D S Payweight 061H1902.47575101311085531150.38700.535583413740
06702/16/2019773559S D S Raindance 067H2853.4907210142367531150.38700.5850741513345
06802/16/2019773551S D S Raindance 068H5604.195775152139523650.37751.102643015615
07202/18/2019773532S D S Raindance 072H6552.27564301251558522750.42650.7325546013840
010703/23/2019773116S D S Capitalist 0107H1210-1.41071151152516126400.20900.496584411870

Performance data over 75-day testing period

IDBreedWeight 12/10/2020Weight 2/23/2021ADGADFIF:G
 Angus Average893.61209.34.2121.835.20
SimAngus Bulls
IDDOBASA No.Name% SimBWAdj. WWWW RatioAdj. YWYW RatioAdj. %IMF%IMF RatioAdj. BFBF RatioAdj. REAREA RatioFrame ScoreAdj. Scrotal
002H1/27/20203767171S D S FRANCHISE 002H5/87067311411661062.561050.198612.25914.437.5
007H1/30/20203767202S D S FRANCHISE 007H5/872580981060962.35970.2310512894.230.6
009H1/31/20203767130S D S FRANCHISE 009H5/868572971056962.05840.2210015.011114.234.2
020H2/3/20203767071S D S FRANCHISE 020H5/87062710611451042.05840.167313.461004.232.4
024H2/4/20203767129S D S FRANCHISE 024H5/87359610111141012.491020.188213.38994.534.4
028H2/5/20203767082S D S FRANCHISE 028H5/89264710912461132.991230.3415512.3992535.5
032H2/6/20203767077S D S FRANCHISE 032H5/87865111011941081.95800.198613.611014.235.5
054H2/14/20203767123S D S BOULDER 054H5/887598 1190 2.351000.310014.041004.836.5
055H2/14/20203767188S D S EAGLE 055H5/89363010612301122.621080.2310515.141126.132.5
058H2/14/20203767158S D S COWBOY UP 058H5/8706411081085983.031250.2210011.94894.331
064H2/15/20203767193S D S EAGLE 064H3/410268611613521231.85760.2511416.761245.637
073H2/18/20203767066S D S EAGLE 073H1/28260010111101012.21910.156813.71025.135.2
083H2/23/20203767132S D S EAGLE 083H3/498636107123611231230.219513.0897636.4
088H3/3/20203767088S D S FRANCHISE 088H5/88860210211091012.671100.29112.23915.136.4
092H3/8/20203767093S D S FRANCHISE 092H1/270586991056962.911200.2913214.011044.433.7
094H3/16/20203767191S D S EAGLE 094H5/88260210211261021.54630.177714.941115.335.6
099H3/19/20203767196S D S EAGLE 099H5/8796731141074972.621080.29113.19984.836.3

EPDs, Indexes, and Percentile Rankings 

002H1/27/20203767171S D S FRANCHISE 002H14.625-0.73082.820128.92528.4100.35400.8320141.72585.320
007H1/30/20203767202S D S FRANCHISE 007H14.230-2.51064.88594.89026.7200.44250.6945135.43578.150
009H1/31/20203767130S D S FRANCHISE 009H16.115-1.22570.270104.97525.1300.45250.8125143.82080.835
020H2/3/20203767071S D S FRANCHISE 020H15.415-1.42076.345114.85026.2200.27550.7335140.23079.640
024H2/4/20203767129S D S FRANCHISE 024H15.9150.14588.510136.91524.8300.28550.7435144.32086.215
028H2/5/20203767082S D S FRANCHISE 028H9.7851.98082.225124.63027.7150.54150.6455141.82585.120
032H2/6/20203767077S D S FRANCHISE 032H13.1403.39587.510140.61029100.41300.7630141.82584.820
054H2/14/20203767123S D S BOULDER 054H15.220-2.81072.360114.95024.4350.33450.9810141.82581.235
055H2/14/20203767188S D S EAGLE 055H9.9801.37099.81158.4124.3350.61101.231157.91099.51
058H2/14/20203767158S D S COWBOY UP 058H18.63-0.92588.7101341523500.59100.9710167.7395.62
064H2/15/20203767193S D S EAGLE 064H5.6993.999109.41174.4120.4700.35401.122145.22094.63
073H2/18/20203767066S D S EAGLE 073H13.240-0.43585.215135.71521.8600.54150.5570155.21089.810
083H2/23/20203767132S D S EAGLE 083H10.1802.490107.71171.2123500.6751.122169.63104.41
088H3/3/20203767088S D S FRANCHISE 088H9.5851.47080.730122.63521.6600.49200.7435144.1208325
092H3/8/20203767093S D S FRANCHISE 092H17.85-3.3567.675105.27528.3100.61100.745159.61085.720
094H3/16/20203767191S D S EAGLE 094H11.36504089.310138.31019800.44250.9115151.31589.710
099H3/19/20203767196S D S EAGLE 099H15.515-3.2108225122.73522.6500.45251.122161.6590.310

75-Day Performance Data

IDBreedWeight 12/10/2020Weight 2/23/2021ADGADFIF:G
 SimAngus Average859.81147.43.8319.805.18