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The Federal Work-Study Program provides eligible students the opportunity to earn money for educational expenses. To be considered for Federal Work-Study, students must complete the FAFSA on or before March 15th and they must select that they are interested in Work Study on their FAFSA.

Work-Study funds do not apply directly to a student's bill. Students work and receive a paycheck for the hours they worked each pay period. 

A student's total earnings from Work-Study cannot exceed the amount awarded.

Students are responsible for obtaining employment to earn their Work-Study funds. Students are encouraged to inquire directly with any departments or facilities which they are interested in working at. If students should need assistance obtaining a Work-Study position, they can contact the SDSU Department of Labor Office at (605)688-6668.

Federal Work-Study employees will earn at least minimum wage however, wages will vary by the employer.

Students who were not awarded Work-Study on their Financial Aid Award Letter may still be eligible to be placed on the wait-list. Please contact our office to inquire further about your eligibility. 

Students who have been awarded Work-Study should refer to the Work-Study Employee page for additional information.