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Meet the team that is going to bring your event marketing to the next level. BluePrint handpicks some of the most talented students from the SDSU School of Design to join our ranks each year. We choose these students from our pool of applicants based on their exceptional skill and aptitude in graphic design and customer service. These skills are then passed along to you, the client, with each and every procured design and printed page we produce.

Graphic Designers

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Office Assistants

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BluePrint Design and Print Center is always on the lookout for the next great designer to join our team. Because our search is never ending, both our designer and office assistant positions are never closed to new applicants. Positions may be filled for the current academic year, but we still encourage interested students to apply as we keep all applicants on file and review them when positions become available. We look forward to hearing from you.

To apply or search for job postings, click the button below. All SDSU students will automatically have access to Handshake via their MyState credentials. If you have any issues with Handshake, please contact Career Development for further assistance.

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BluePrint Positions

BluePrint Graphic Designer: BluePrint student designers are given the opportunity to work in a creative environment that fosters development in the professional design world. Designers are expected to work on deadlines, completing multiple projects and producing quality designs meeting client's needs. Projects may include, but are not limited to, banners, t-stands, posters, promotional materials and business cards.

Employees will also be responsible for coordinating the printing and hanging of promotional materials within the BluePrint advertising spaces. Potential employees should: understand and meet deadlines, have an intermediate knowledge of the Adobe suite, a working knowledge of design concepts/principles, ability to multi-task, customer service and cash handling skills.

BluePrint Office Assistant: BluePrint office assistants are given the opportunity to work in a creative environment that fosters development in the professional design world. Employees will support the design team by managing the day-to-day tasks of the office. Daily tasks may include, customer service, cash handling, logging and billing orders, cleaning and prepping/hanging promotional materials. Qualified candidates will be punctual, reliable, and have excellent customer service. A design background is not required, but preferred.