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SDSU Posting Policy

Information Exchange in the University Student Union (SSU150) completes campus-wide approval. Any posters that do not have the approved Information Exchange seal in the lower left corner will be removed. Below is the summarized version of the SDSU Posting Policy, but a complete version is available.

To be approved, all posters must meet the following guidelines:

  • Events/services must be open to the SDSU community, relate to a university approved organization and/or activity, and show obvious and legitimate sponsorship by:
    • SDSU departments, offices or colleges
    • SDSU recognized student organizations
    • Official SDSU committees
  • All posters must be hung on the designated bulletin boards in each building. Posters not hung on the designated boards will be removed.
  • Posters must have an English translation of anything in another language.
  • Use of SDSU copyrighted images must be approved via University Marketing & Communications graphic identity guidelines. Questionable use of images will be referred to University Marketing & Communications for their approval.
  • Any content on event posting related to upcoming elections must comply with all laws regulated by South Dakota Secretary of State Office.
  • Flyers cannot have the following: promotion of alcohol, alcoholic event, or other drugs, explicit sexual material, profanity or ads that compete with Dining Services or Jackrabbit Central.
  • Flyers may be posted as early as six weeks before the event.
  • Poster size cannot exceed 12x18. Organizations must take down flyers after the event.

Residential Life Specifics:

In order to obtain authorization to hang Posters in Residential Life-controlled buildings, the Officially Recognized Organization must first receive the authorizing stamp of Information Exchange. Once received, the Organization must then obtain the permission of a second authority, the Office of Housing and Residential Life (“Residential Life”), located in Caldwell Hall, or its successor.

  • The above policy does not apply to materials that may be left on a table in each residential hall lobby for promotion of off campus businesses or organizations. Such materials need the permission of Residential Life and the particular Residence Hall Director, but the materials must nevertheless be consistent with all other Residential Life and SDBOR/University policies.

  • The above policy also does not apply to advertisements or publications placed in student mailboxes, which must follow guidelines noted in Residential Life’s advertising and publicity, mail, and solicitation policies.

To request that your event be published on the calendars of the SDSU public website, InsideState and/or MyState, please email Central Reservations. All events held on campus must be entered into the Event Management System (EMS). For more information, please call 605-688-6134.

Approved posting locations on campus

Morrill Hall/Administration: E. entrance
Agricultural Engineering: S.E. entrance on E. wall
Berg Agricultural Hall: S.E. entrance near room 139
Agricultural Heritage Museum: Main entrance near restrooms & west wall on fence
Animal Disease Research & Diagnostic Lab: Bulletin board on south side
Animal Science Complex: S. wall of lobby near fountain
Avera Health and Science: W. vestibule on S. wall
Briggs Library: Main floor hall by restrooms
University Marketing and Communications Center: W. entrance
Crothers Engineering Hall: Across from room 214
DePuy Military Hall: Across from men’s restroom in gymnasium
Daktronics Electrical Engineering and Computer: S.W. entrance
Ethel Austin Martin Building / Testing center: Lobby area
Grove Hal: N. entrance
Harding Hall: Main entrance
Stanley J. Marshall Center / HPER: E. entrance/vending by N. wall
Intramural Building / Barn: S.W. entrance
Lincoln Music Hall: W. of stairs in main hall
Edgar S. McFadden Biostress Lab: N. side of main entrance outside room 103
Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center: 6 posting locations in building
Facilities and Services Building: 4136 lunchroom with bulletin boards
Plant Science Lab: S. entrance near drinking fountain
Pugsley Continuing Education Building: Across from vending downstairs right of main entrance
Bailey Rotunda for Arts and Science: W. vestibule near classroom entrance
Solberg Hall: S. entrance near intersection of halls
South Dakota Art Museum: Outside theatre/lecture hall
Miller Wellness Center: Main N/S Corridor 
Wagner Hall: N.W. and S.W. entrances on E. side of hall near vestibule
Wecota Hall: E. entrance
Wenona Hall: Front entrance
Wintrode Student Center: S. wall near lounge
Yeager Hall: S.W entrance on W. wall
American Indian Student Center: Main lobby
Chicoine Architecture, Math & Engineering: Main Lobby
University Student Union: Main Street