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Event Planning Contact Sheet

This guide is designed to assist you during the planning of your event at SDSU.

Reserve your location and meet with facility manager. This step is completed by contacting the following, as they pertain to your location choice.

University Student Union/ 
Academic Locations

(after 5pm, weekends and holidays),
Outdoor spaces (non-athletic)

Central Reservations 605-688-4022
or Information Exchange 605-688-6127

Event Contacts Outside the
University Student Union:

Performing Arts Center (PAC)
Jeren Vanduch, 605-688-6034

South Dakota Art Museum*
Pam Adler, 605-688-5423
(after 5pm weekdays, weekends and holidays)

Miller Wellness Center
Chad Vossekuil, 605-688-4312

HPER, Stadium, Dykhouse Center
all Athletic Outdoor spaces
Christi Williams, 605-695-3558

McCrory Gardens and Visitor Center
Lisa Marotz, 605-688-6707

*For academic reservations Monday-Friday between
8am- 5pm. please contact the Registrar’s office at

Additional Contact Information:

University Student Union Events Planning Office
Parking and events planning accommodations

Mark Venhuizen, 605-688-4960

Set-up services (not located in
the University Student Union)

Facilities and Services, 605-688-4136

Camps and Conferences, or 605-688-5148

Security for event, especially
after normal operating hours

University Police Department, 605-688-5117

Motor Pool
Tristan Delaney, 605-688-5506

State Tech - Lights, sound, stages, a/v etc.
Mike Gjesdal, 605-688-4960

BluePrint Design & Print Center, 605-688-5496

Contracts for performers or artists
in connection to your event.

Kate Stock, 605-688-4425

Food or beverage needs
Aramark Catering, or 605-697-2571

Parking Office (events not scheduled
in the University Student Union), 605-688-7275