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State Tech Non-Affiliated Rates

Sound Pkg A - ExtremeBattery powered speakers with wireless mic$102.50
Sound Pkg B - VBR HouseVBR installed sound$100.00
Sound Pkg C - Two SM159z tops2 tops on stands$150.00
Sound Pkg D - C + subsN/A$220.00
Sound Pkg H - KF650 doubles"Double Stacks" Tri-amped tops and dual 18" subs$500.00
Sound Pkg K - Tie to user systemOur mixer and mics, your speakers$100.00
Sound Pkg Z - Genie liftsLifts to elevate "Double Stacks"$70.00
Corded Mic (each; independent rental)Basic corded mic$4.00
DI/PCDI (each; independent rental)Mono or stereo DI$4.00
Wireless mic (each; independent rental)Shure - handheld or headworn per wireless mic$40.00
Media box/mult boxMulti-out media connection$30.00
Monitor per cabinetPrice per monitor$35.50
Piano rentalUniversity Student Union fee, tuning will be billed separately$87.50
DJ Pkg A - in the University Student UnionBase package in the University Student Union, 2 hours of DJ labor included$500.00
DJ Pkg B - SDSU CampusBase package on campus, 2 hours of DJ labor included$650.00
DJ Pkg C - BrookingsBase package in Brookings, 2 hours of DJ labor included$800.00
Dance - Additional hoursPer hour$50.00
DJ Pkg H - EAW danceLarge dance package$1,100.00
Light Pkg A - VBR custom focusCustom focus for VBR lights$100.00
Light Pkg E - (6) LED uplightsRGBA, Batter, WDMX$60.00
SpotlightManually run light$60.00
Clear comCommunication tool during large events$70.00
Haze machineHaze effect per request$30.00
TechnicianPer person, per hour$25.00
Student Manager/Equip ManagerPer person, per hour$25.00
Stage - Per deck in the University Student UnionPer 4'x8' stage piece$18.00
Stage - Per deck outside the University Student UnionPer 4'x8' stage piece$36.00
Pipe and drape per section8' high x 10' deep$20.00
LCD ProjectorData projector$45.00
Fold pack screen165" white screen, Front or Rear project$100.00
D-Lite roll up screen110" portable screen$55.00
Video monitor on cart65"-75" screen$100.00
Video monitor add-onPan, Tilt, Zoom camera$60.00
Power drop50 amp power service$100.00
Mileage on truckPer mile charge$3.00
Cable rampPer 3' Section$8.00
Rush Processing10%/day, 10 days prior to the event 

If you would like a PDF version of our prices for your records, please email