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Paint the Town

The old adage says to "paint the town red."  Here in Hobo country, we paint the town yellow and blue.  We'll provide a window in the Brookings community.  You provide the creative genius – or just do your best. It's the Hobo spirit that counts!


Registration for Paint The Town will close on Sunday, October 10th by 11:59pm. Entry forms can be submitted electronically through the button below.

Sign up for Paint the Town

LOCATION: The event takes place all around campus and Brookings. Student groups will be assigned a window to paint by the Hobo Day Committee. 

SUPPLIES: Supplies can be picked up beginning Wednesday, October 14th at 10am until Friday, October 16th at 5pm in the Hobo Day Office (USU 054) in the lower level of the Student Union. 

The following supplies will be provided: 

  • Blue, Yellow, White paint 

  • Paint brushes 

  • Poster with organization’s name and number to be posted in the window for judging purposes 


1.  All windows must be painted by Sunday, October 16 at 8pm in order to be eligible for judging.

2.  All windows will be cleaned by State-A-Thon in exchange for a $10 donation, which much be dropped off in the Hobo Day Office (USU 054) in the Lower Level of the University Student Union.

3. Windows will be cleaned by Wednesday, October 27 at 5:00 p.m. Window cleaner and paper towels. (No straight razors!)

4.  To compete in the contest, organizations must tag @hoboday (on Facebook or Instagram) and use the hashtag #PainttheTown2021 by 8:00 a.m. on October 17th.

PRIZES: Judging will take place on Tuesday, October 20th. There will be multiple categories. Winners will be announced on the SDSU Hobo Day Account @hoboday. Winners will receive gift cards to local food places for the organization. 

Questions? All questions can be directed to Hannah Bortnem via email or phone at 605-688-5524.