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The Hobo Day Committee

Continuing the Celebration

After 110 years, an event like Hobo Day relies on the spirit and energy of current students to carry the tradition and pass it on to future generations of jackrabbits. As always, "The Biggest One-Day Event in the Dakotas" is coordinated by the 18 student members of the Hobo Day Committee.

The 2023 Hobo Day Committee

Marissa Vogt - Grand Pooba


John Petersen - Assistant Pooba

Elle Guthmiller - Bum-A-Meal coordinator

Ainsley Plack - Rally at the Rails coordinator

Kordiea Rerick - Six and One Month Club & Hobo Gear Prep Night coordinator

Malia Schumacher - BumFire & Bum-Over coordinator


Elizabeth Ross - Assistant Pooba

Avery Dooley - Campus Outreach coordinator

Gracie Dose - Social Media coordinator

Sarah Kastner - Apparel & Merchandise coordinator

Zoey Schentzel - Community Outreach coordinator


Megan Linke - Assistant Pooba

Charles Dendinger - Transportation coordinator

Sarah Davids - Community Entries coordinator

Annie Feden - Bands coordinator

Victoria Hansen - Security coordinator

Claire Koenecke - Dignitaries coordinator

Julia Thaden - Student Entries coordinator