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Registration Override Policy

 Physics 101, Physics 111, and Physics 113

Laboratory Sections

Students are required to register for both a lecture section and a three hour laboratory section (one common hour of contact and an individual section of two hours contact).

Common  Laboratory hour of Contact

Students often ask about the P101L, P111L and P113L common hour of contact for laboratory sections (currently scheduled as follows: 101L Tu @ 2pm, 111L Tu @ 1pm, and 113L, Th @ 2pm).  This often happens during pre-registration when there is a time conflict with another course for which they are trying to register.  Misinformation exists regarding this portion of the course experience.    It is considered integral to the courses and should not be viewed as an optional activity.  The following is current University policy as manifested in Departmental policy:

The instructor for the course determines the attendance requirements for the courses they teach.  This includes the common laboratory hour of contact, as it would for any other contact hour of a course.  Overrides because of time conflicts with the common contact hour are not routinely granted by the Physics Department.  Students with such a conflict should resolve this as they would any time conflict in their schedule by contacting the two instructors of the overlapping courses involved.  If you have questions or need clarification regarding the laboratory times, you should contact the Physics office.

Algebra Prerequisites

If you have been placed into MATH 115 and are registering for it concurrently with PHYS 111 the department will override the mathematics prerequisite for PHYS 111.

 Physics 211 and Physics 213

Laboratory Sections

Students are required to register for both a lecture section and a three hour laboratory section.  Scheduling conflicts will not be over-ridden for either the lecture or the laboratory section.

Calculus corequisites

MATH 123 is a corequisite for PHYS 211 and MATH 125 is a corequisite for PHYS 213.  In order to register for these classes you will have to have successfully completed or be concurrently registered in the appropriate calculus class.

Registration Override Policy September 2015.pdf