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Department of Physics

Physics is the foundation of almost all of the science and engineering disciplines. If you are a student in biological science, health science, engineering, mathematics, and physical science we have courses appropriate for you. Whether you are interested in a career in physics research, education, engineering, medicine, nuclear medicine, law, science journalism or alternatively many other choices, a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics could be the choice for you. Others will find it more appropriate to combine the physics major or a minor in Physics or Nuclear Engineering with another major.


The SDSU Department of Physics offers the B.S. in Physics, and two minors in Physics and Nuclear Engineering. The physics majors choose one of three tracks to accommodate a wide range of their interests and career options: Professional and Applied Physics, Health/Medical Physics, or Flexible emphasis. They can also choose the Science Teaching Specialization. The motivated student may also take advantage of opportunities to participate in research, internships and projects in astronomy, education research, materials science, medical physics, nuclear physics, satellite calibration and much more.


Who should major in Physics?

  • Are you curious how the world works? Congratulations. You’ve found us! We have three tracks and one specialization to meet your career needs.
  • Are you interested in an advanced degree in Engineering? Physics education provides rigorous curriculum, mathematical skills, laboratory techniques, and undergraduate research opportunities for your success in Master’s and PhD degree programs in any field in Engineering.
  • Pre-Med students, and Pre-Law students: Physics graduates score the second highest in MCAT and LSAT tests among all disciplines.  MCAT, LSAT and Physics
  • Science or physics teachers: SDSU Department of Physics offers an approved South Dakota Education Program for Education Certification.


Who should double major in Physics?

  • Engineering students in ME/CE/EE programs: Engineering students double majoring in Physics will have not only the practical knowledge of respective engineering field, but also the fundamental understanding behind the technologies of tomorrow. The knowledge of modern physics and quantum mechanics will make you a true leader in any engineering field.
  • Computer Science students: Physics built the hardware of the computers in the past. Physics invented the present internet. Physics will rule the future with Quantum computing. Enough said.

Do you think you can beat Canadian Prime Minister in explaining How Quantum Computing works?

Or how about Bill Gates?

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