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Department of Physics

Physics is the foundation of almost all of the science and engineering disciplines. If you are a student in engineering, physical science, mathematics, biological science, or health science we have courses appropriate for you. Whether you are interested in a career in physics research, education, engineering, medicine, nuclear medicine, law, science journalism or alternatively many other choices a B.S. in Physics could be the choice for you. Others will find it more appropriate to combine the physics major or a minor in physics or nuclear engineering with another major.

The Physics Department at SDSU offers the B.S. in Physics in which students choose one of four elective groups (professional  and applied physics, health/medical physics, flexible emphasis and degree in physics , science teaching specialization.) Additionally, SDSU students may choose to minor in physics or nuclear engineering. See Fields of Study for more information regarding the curricula of these programs.

Our programs provide excellent preparation for a large variety of career and post-graduate schooling options. Information regarding careers in physics may be found at the American Physical Society website where one may also find examples of the wide variety of career options available to physics majors on their profiles page. The motivated student may also take advantage of opportunities for students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels to participate in research, internships and projects in material science, astronomy, neutrino research, nuclear energy, science teaching and much more.