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The Physics Club - Society of Physics Students (SPS)

Hi, my name is Nicholas Carlson and I am the president of the Society of Physics Students at South Dakota State University. The Society of Physics Students is small, but growing, student organization composed of mostly Physics Majors; however, we welcome anyone who shows an interest in science. Currently, our board consists of Jace Waybright, who is the vice president, Zachary Lehmann, who is the treasurer, and Abullah al Maruf, who is the secretary/historian. We have meetings once every month where we talk about our upcoming events, new developments in the world of physics, and any other things the members would like to be involved in. So far this year, we have put on a solar eclipse viewing party where we handed out solar eclipse glasses, set up telescopes or other viewing mechanisms, and educated people about the eclipse. We are also planning on setting up a booth during the Bum Over for Hobo Week. At the booth we will have multiple science demonstrations and activities for the students in the hopes that they gain interest in physics or other sciences. The Society of Physics Students is a great way to get involved at South Dakota State University if you have a love for science.

Making a Difference!

SPS Meeting Fall 2018
For the second-straight year, South Dakota State University’s Society of Physics Students chapter was named an outstanding chapter.

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