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The Physics Club - Society of Physics Students (SPS)

Welcome! My name is Zachary Lehmann, a current physics and biochemistry double major at South Dakota State and the local Society of Physics Students (SPS) chapter president. I work alongside fellow officers Jax Wysong and Gavin Baker, under the direction of Dr. Robert McTaggart to facilitate the activities of the SPS – South Dakota State University chapter. SPS is a small student organization for all those with an interest in physics. We look to advocate and increase physics education on campus, and in the community. Engaged students have opportunities to travel to regional and national conferences and interact with students from a diverse educational background. In years past, SPS has hosted star parties, employing the use of some high-power telescopes and other community outreach activities. This year, we look forward to participating in Bum Over, a Hobo Days event put on by the University, and hope to engage in future fundraising and outreach activities. We also plan to host regular meetings for discussion of physics topics, and to develop plans for an exciting research project. Lastly, SPS hopes to establish a fun and exhilarating demonstration night to showcase how fun physics can be!

Making a Difference!

SPS Meeting Fall 2018
For the second-straight year, South Dakota State University’s Society of Physics Students chapter was named an outstanding chapter.

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