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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering enriches lives, builds connection, and drives positive change. At SDSU, we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for community members, retirees and friends of the university.

For Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for SDSU! As a volunteer, you have an opportunity to positively contribute to the University's mission and make an impact on our students, staff and the public. Before beginning your volunteer journey, there are a few things we want you to know.

  • Available opportunities are posted on this site as requested by departments. Prospective volunteers can communicate their interest with the contact person identified for each opportunity. 
  • Volunteers are required to sign volunteer work agreement(s).
  • All volunteers are subject to abide by and follow SDSU and BOR rules, policies and procedures.
  • Each volunteer opportunity may be subject to a background check.


Additional Opportunities

The South Dakota Art Museum has a variety of volunteer opportunities that are both interesting and fulfilling. Some volunteer positions interact with museum visitors while others may work behind the scenes. Whatever the job, everyone performs a service to the museum that cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

Volunteer commitment has allowed the museum to improve visitor experiences by expanding programs, generating community involvement and support and assisting museum staff in daily operations.

For more information on volunteering contact us by email or by phone: 605-688-5423 or 866-805-7590 toll free.

To Browse Community Volunteer Opportunities Visit the

For Supervisors

  • Supervisors of volunteers are expected to follow the volunteer policy and procedures detailed in the SDSU Volunteer Policy.
  • Supervisors can submit an SDSU Volunteer Opportunities Request Form for HR review, approval and to have opportunities published on this page.
  • All volunteer opportunities are approved by HR.
  • Completed volunteer work agreements must be submitted to HR prior to the volunteer beginning.
  • Supervisors are responsible for ensuring volunteers are properly trained on all policy, procedures and safety equipment.
  • Supervisors should maintain timely and open communication with prospective volunteer(s).


SDSU departments with volunteer opportunities or other questions should contact Human Resources.