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sun rise view of SDSU campus from the Campanile

The Jackrabbit Way

Pathway to Premier 2030 A StrategicPlan for South Dakota State University logo

The mission, vision and core values of SDSU and the latest strategic plan lay the groundwork for the pathway to premier and provide guidelines to best represent all Jackrabbits in our day-to-day activities.

As Jackrabbits, we are called to live out the mission, vision and core values of SDSU in our everyday actions. By emphasizing greatness in these areas we elevate not only our own status within the institution but also create a desirable place for our prospective students, alumni and stakeholders.

So, how do we accomplish this? We need to communicate with one voice. When you come into contact with someone on campus, YOU become South Dakota State University. Every interaction you have with someone from outside of campus will shape their perception of the university.

To represent South Dakota State University in that capacity, it is important to have a base knowledge of why students choose SDSU, what makes Jackrabbits unique, and how SDSU became the university it is today.

student walking on campus green