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Volunteer Program

Are you interested in ushering, greeting, and being general event support at The Oscar? Our volunteers attend all the events they assist with for free along with additional perks!

If you are interested in our volunteer program, fill out the short application linked below and email it back to us. We would love to have you!

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Commitment

  • We ask that volunteers commit to one year of service.
  • Each year, the Volunteers from The Oscar Volunteer Program will have the opportunity to renew their commitment for the next year.


  • Volunteers will have the opportunity to attend the events they are scheduled to support for free.
  • An annual luncheon or banquet will be held in honor of the volunteers to celebrate their contributions to The Oscar.
  • Volunteers will be issued a recognition pin to wear as part of their uniform and can earn various charms to add to their pin.
  • A Volunteer of the Semester will be selected each spring, fall and summer. The recipient will receive a certificate and charm for their recognition pin.


  • Each month, a communication will be sent via email with the upcoming schedule of events for the following month. Volunteers will be asked to sign up for the events in which they would like to assist.
  • There is no minimum requirement for the total number of volunteer hours or events.


  • Onboarding will be scheduled in late August or early September of each year.
  • This will include discussions on obtaining volunteer information, background checks, scheduling, reviewing the roles and responsibilities, scheduling training, a handbook overview and a tour of the facility.
  • It is an expectation for volunteers to attend the orientation and any scheduled trainings.
  • All volunteers must pass a background check to be approved for the program.

Work Conditions

  • Volunteers will provide ushering, greeting and general event support.
  • Working condition accommodation can be made when requested.
  • Working conditions may include:
    • Standing for extended periods of time.
    • Walking around the facility and spaces for extended times.
    • Climbing up and down stairs.
    • Working in low-light conditions.
    • Working in loud environments.
    • Working in environments with special lighting, fog or special effects.
    • Lifting up to 25lbs.