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Centers of Excellence

Advancing discovery to benefit South Dakota

Through its Centers of Excellence, South Dakota State University is partnering with industry and government to enhance the quality of life for the people of South Dakota.

Researchers at these centers, including both SDSU faculty and students, are immersed in human nutrition, geographic science, building a bio-based economy, transportation and water resources.

The Ethel Austin Martin Program in Nutrition exercises a multidisciplinary approach to expand human nutrition knowledge through both research projects and educational applications. Active research projects provide SDSU faculty and students the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and participate in research.

The Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence, a joint collaboration between SDSU and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Center for Earth Resources Observation and Sciences, conducts collaborative research on remotely sensed data sets to study the Earth’s land surface. This center has established SDSU as a global center of expertise in geographic information science studies.

As one of five universities in the Mountain-Plains Consortium, SDSU is part of a regional effort to conduct research and training on transportation infrastructure and the movement of passengers and freight.

The North Central Sun Grant Center is a regional administrative center that implements the national Sun Grant Initiative for the ten-state North Central region.

South Dakota Water Resource Institute, a federal-state partnership, provides leadership in coordinating the research and training on water resources in South Dakota. The Institute focuses on resolving state and regional water problems through research, technology transfer and application.

Water and Environmental Engineering Research Center conducts research, education and outreach activities on engineering solutions to water resources and environmental problems.