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2021 Annual Research Report

A Message from Vice President Daniel Scholl

Investigating new engineering materials

Improving human, animal health

Providing insights for policymakers

Supporting producers through innovation

FY21 research expenditures reach nearly $51.5 million

Funding Sources FY2021

Funding Sources test tube chart
Color 7 BoxUniversity$52,531
Color 8 BoxOther$15,865,125
Color 9 BoxFor Profit$1,303,506
Color 10 BoxState$15,712,747
Color 11 BoxFederal$18,605,746

Colleges and Research Centers FY2021

Colleges and Research Centers test tube chart
Color 2 BoxAgriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences$35,907,755
Color 3 BoxArts, Humanities and Social Sciences$1,471,416
Color 4 BoxEducation and Human Sciences$1,267,017
Color 5 BoxJerome J. Lohr College of Engineering$4,086,324
Color 6 BoxNatural Sciences$5,644,324
Color 7 BoxNursing$315,231
Color 8 BoxPharmacy and Allied Health Professions$1,736,221
Color 9 BoxAcademic Affairs$14,524
Color 10 BoxDivision of Research and Economic Development$1,069,012
Color 11 BoxDivision of Technology and Security$27,801