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Swine Club

The SDSU Swine Club is a student-led organization dedicated to generating interest, building understanding and providing opportunities for growth in the swine industry.

The students in this organization are involved in a variety of swine-centered activities including service to the South Dakota Pork Producers Association and participation in field trips to area swine producers and the allied industry. They also serve as assistants while research trials are being conducted at the SDSU Research and Teaching Swine Unit.

Previous experience with swine is not necessary in order to participate in the club. The students of this club come from a variety of backgrounds and have various levels of experience in the swine industry. Because this is a student run club, the experiences the students have can be tailored to meet the needs of a variety of students. Through these hands-on experiences, students will be able to put classroom application into practice.

The efforts of the Student Swine Club are supported by companies representing the swine industry and its allies. These companies represent swine nutrition, swine genetics, animal pharmaceuticals, sales, production management companies and equipment manufacturers. Through the club, students gain exposure to representatives of these companies which are potentially future employers.


Who should be involved in the Swine Club?

  • Students with an interest in swine
  • Students who wish to be future leaders in the swine industry
  • Students who want to pursue a swine medicine specialization as part of their DVM
  • Students who have an interest in a career in the swine industry
  • Students who are interested in a career in industries allied to the swine industry
  • Students who have an opportunity to return to the family swine operation after graduation